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      Hey There, 

      My names Billy. I'm just your typical punk rock skater who grew up outside playing sports. Eventually I found fitness (I wish I found it sooner). In high school I was your classic jock taking dry scoops of pre-workout in the locker room and lifting as heavy as possible. It wasn't until college that I started to understand why things worked or didn't work. I became a personal trainer, changed my degree, and spent the next 6 years learning about the health and fitness industry. 

      What did I learn? That people have figured out how to market false claims effectively. I learned that companies could fabricate studies to yield certain results. They found legal ways to make false claims about their products. Then the worst thing happened to the fitness industry...Fitness Influencers happened.

      Fitness Influencers needed to pump out content to stay relevant. So after a month or so of posting the fundamentals of fitness they ran out of information. What came next was random exercises that looked good on camera but provided less benefit. Diet hacks that came in like a fad and led to people crashing on them. The industry was officially cluttered and hard to sift through. I was sick of it and decided to change that.

      Realistically Fit is about teaching you the basics. Clearing misconceptions with simple truths. I wan to give you the knowledge to go off on your own after we're done working together. So give this website a shot, learn some things, buy some things, and let's get Realistically Fit together!