Realistically Fit – 12 Week Weightlifting Program



The Realistically Fit Program is a 12 week program designed to take you from no experience in the gym, to a regular. Here is what is included in this downloadable program:

-How to set up calories

-How to know how many calories to eat

-List of healthy and nutrient dense foods

-36 workouts laid out day by day

-Step by step instructions of how to implement program

Here’s how the program breaks down:

-Weeks 1 – 4: Machine based training

-Weeks 5 – 8: Circuit based free weight training

-Weeks 9 – 12: Free weight hypertrophy training

This program is meant for people who have little to no weightlifting experience and want to start. This plan includes 36 workouts with sets, reps, rest time, and instructions on how to perform each lift.

Here’s how you’ll know if this program is meant for you:

-Has access to a commercial gym

-Has at least three days a week to commit to the program

-The desire to start their health initiative

Thats it! If you posses those three things this program will work for you.


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