Crux – Trigger Point Yin

Crux has been a place I escape to for over a year now (I even have my sloth badge to prove it!). When I am not working out or training clients you can find me climbing here at Crux. It is a climbing gym in south Austin that offers much more than just climbing. Walking in you are greeted by a warm front desk. Helping you check in, find gear, or give you a tour of the gym. The gym includes bouldering, auto belays, a yoga room, a fitness center, and a locker room. They have one location for now, but are in the process of building their second! The atmosphere at Crux is friendly and encouraging. Meeting people is easy and you fall into a community without even trying. It reminded me a lot of my childhood days spent at the skatepark. Just skating, hanging out, and talking. This place gives you a place to unwind and still put in some work. You will find a community here, which is what every company/group strives to do. This post is dedicated solely to their amazing yoga class I was fortunate enough to take.

 Crux is more than a climbing gym! You will also find yoga classes, and strength classes. These aren’t your ordinary bootcamps and yoga though, these are unique and have personality. The class I took was called trigger point yin. Now yoga comes in many different forms. Some focus on holding poses for a long time, others make it more of a workout by quickly changing poses in a fast paced flow. My personal favorite has always been a type of yin where I almost fall asleep. This class was like that, but with a little bit of pain…I’ll explain. My instructors name was Meg and she was an absolute delight. This class focuses on the main areas we carry a lot of tension. It uses three to five pieces of equipment to apply pressure in certain areas. So for an hour we held a handful of poses for one through five minutes. This was both painful and relaxing at the same time. We would use a lacrosse ball and lay it directly on our IT band, right in that sweet spot. The pain would almost be unbearable, but we would work with it, through it. Eventually it would feel amazing. We worked around our rotator cuffs which almost everyone I know neglects! Using. a lacrosse ball we worked the hell out of all the small muscles that surround the shoulder. We laid on yoga blocks and applied pressure to the center of our back. This opened up our chest that was tight from either climbing too much or sitting at a desk. We used yoga straps to stretch out our hamstrings. Whatever we did, we did at our own pace and pressure. You were in control of your body and moves. There was always a “why” with whatever we did. The instructor always educated us on why were were doing each move. This was the most important part for me. The entire class was painful when I needed it to be, and peaceful when I wanted it to be. I promise you have not found a yoga class like this before. 

This class is perfect for people who have aches and pains. The muscles and tendons we worked today are ones that often get neglected, but control a lot of our movement. If you haven’t been to crux before you NEED to go. You will get a free day pass your first time. Use it and take a class, climb, socialize, and find your community. If you ever want to come check out Crux let me know! I will gladly take you there and show you everything I’ve come to learn and love about the place. Give this class a try, I promise you’ll love it!


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