Lagree Pilates – Where Everyone Should Start

pilates curl

Is that a picture of me curling on a pilates reformer? Yes, yes it is.

Is that even how it’s supposed to be used? The world is your gym, curl it.

Are you finally wearing a shirt, Billy? Only because I had to.

What does Lagree even mean? It is a machine capable of combining strength, endurance, cardio, balance, core, and flexibility. So you take regular pilates and add a moving platform and spring loaded cables.

Everything you ever wanted and didn’t want to know about my experience at Lagree pilates will be answered below!

Pure Pilates Austin – West Campus

Pilates store front

Located deep in the heart of the UT Austin campus, you’ll find a hidden studio. The studio isn’t too big, but has just enough space that you don’t feel cramped. Inside is about 12 reformers, a bathroom, and an instructor. It feels like a very personal session, which I found very appealing considering I had no idea what I was doing…

How Was The Workout?

Constant pain. You know when you’re holding a wall sit and you’re just about at your max? Well it’s like that feeling the whole time…and then you switch sides. Also, I had absolutely no idea how to use the machine. The instructor gave me the run down five minutes before class, which basically made me a pro. The machine itself is really interesting and moves effortlessly. You have a moving platform, handles, springs for different resistance, and cables that you use to move the whole thing.  The platform moves, so the idea is to use your body to stabilize it.

The entire workout was a constant flow of lunges, pulsing, squats, planks, and plank pikes with oblique twists. It was like yoga, but so much more intense. There was an emphasis on flexibility, muscular endurance, core strength, and stability. I will say the workout was mostly legs and core. I wish there was a bigger emphasis on arms but I still got a great workout. They do involve some arms and incorporate the same pulsing motion that will give you an intense burn. It felt like a yoga class with smooth transitions and a better workout.

It will also largely depend on the instructor and, fortunate for me, I had a pretty cool one…Meet Mel! Every now and then people drop some sassy yet funny comments on my page, she is one of them.

Pilates instructor

Overall Thoughts?

I would strongly recommend someone to start their fitness journey with Largee pilates. This style of exercise will help you master your own body weight, learn to stabilize yourself with your core, and develop a base level of muscle. Even during simple moves like a squat I felt the bottom of my foot shaking like it was desperately trying to find some traction. During our planks I felt each individual fiber in my core on fire. I don’t think you will get shredded out of your mind with this, but I don’t think anyone makes that claim. You will definitely develop muscle though, and be incredibly healthy from this. So, if you’re interested in starting your own health initiative and don’t know where to start, I would highly recommend this place, studio, and instructor!

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