My Message to you and myself

Since starting my fitness social media I have been constantly trying to find my message. I will be honest with you and tell you that in the beginning it was just to gain attention and get my name out there in the world. When I started my website and went independent as a trainer I wanted to hone in on my message. I don’t want to be Instagram famous, I don’t even want to be famous. I truly want to help people become realistically fit and to find peace in my own life. The solo road trip was the start of my new life and laid out a path for me to follow. From here on out I will be authentic (not that I haven’t been already). But I want to be authentic to myself too. I will try to post content with purpose. It has become very apparent to me that shirtless pictures get the most likes. And even though I am shirtless 95% of the day I will refrain from posting meaningless pictures as often. Here are some current things I want to address in my message:

Find your fitness goal:


This is both funny and true. Walk into a gym and ask 100 people why they’re working out and they should give you a different answer every time. Most people give you the same answer though “I’m just here to get in good shape” WHY!?

This is becoming especially hard for me. The more in shape I become the more I question why I’m even in the gym. If I wanted to be healthy I would work on my cardiovascular health, flexibility, lift heavy a couple times a week and just eat right. I don’t though, I know deep down I’m doing this because I want to get that superhero body I always saw growing up. I want what they have, because I still want to impress people. This is a battle I constantly face, why am I working out? I have made changes to my routine in the recent month. I run more, train with body weight, lift heavy a couple times.

Make sure to find out WHY you’re working out. Is it to be healthy? Is it to attract someone? Is it to prove something to someone even if that someone is yourself? Whatever it is, find your why.

What do I want out of life:


While my career is helping others achieve their fitness goals, I have much bigger plans for myself that I face each and every day. What do I want to achieve out of life? My current goal is to achieve financial freedom with my business and helping others. After I do this, then what, though? I still have the rest of my life to live, how much can I travel before I crave something else? This is the challenge ahead of me. But after some reading and meditation through travel (which were things that worked for me but you should find your own ways to go about it) I have a general idea of what I want out of life. But this isn’t about me. What do YOU want? Most people I ask…actually practically everyone I ask tells me they want money, or they want to travel. This is the same position I found myself in. Once you achieve the money then what? What do you truly want out of life. You need to find this, otherwise you will still be unhappy once you reach financial freedom. It will come with another set of problems. So invest in yourself, find out what you want out of life, look past the immediate goals.

How to achieve these goals:


Simply put, I will take it day by day. I will write down three things I want to achieve and why they’re important. Once I accomplish these things I have the rest of my day for myself to work on required things (you know, job stuff). I will achieve one health related goal, business related goal, and personal life goal each day. I want more out of life, I don’t want to become content and civilized. I want to be uncomfortable each day. So my advice to you is to find ways to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t fall into routine, crave more out of life if you feel stuck. That is what I hope I will convey to you all with my content.


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