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I tend to be a pretty stubborn person when it comes to fitness. I don’t like to change my routines up too much and I don’t like to do un-related bodybuilding lifts (i.e. anything NOT pumping iron at the gym). Thankfully my fitness account has forced me out of my comfort zone and given me a reason to try new things. This weekend I was lucky enough to try Aerial Yoga at Thrive Tiny Studio in North Austin!


I found the studio through social media and watched as it was put together piece by piece. The studio reminded me all of the hours I spent browsing micro apartments and houses on youtube. It was assembled by a mom, her daughter, and a builder. It’s not just a studio, though, it has a fully functioning kitchen, bathroom, and bed! Not only can you host sessions in it, but you can also live in it! So before I even tried Aerial yoga I was blown away by the studio itself haha.


My personal instructor for the day was Abigail. She’s a true Austinite and a personal trainer. She was the one nice enough to put me through a session and put up with my lack of experience hanging upside down. Thankfully we shared the same easy going personality and got along swimmingly. After me obsessing over the studio for a bit we finally got into our session.



All the videos I watched made it seem incredibly easy and blissful. This was not the case for me right away. At first it put a lot of pressure on my hips and felt a little uncomfortable. But once the silk nestled into my body contours and stopped moving it became much more soothing. My worries of falling over completely went away and I was able to just relax.

Any pose that involved going upside down allowed my back to decompress and after a full day of sitting there is nothing I’d want more than to “hang” out here. I was able to stretch out every body part I’d normally hit in a yoga session with an added twist of improving my core stability. You’re never completely immobile on the silk so there is a great deal of core work involved in not falling. Your core is involved in everything you do in life so this type of yoga is great for the everyone! You can do more than just yoga with the silk though. Abigail showed me how you can unwind the silk and cocoon yourself inside of it like a little human burrito- which, trust me, is a delightful experience. You can also use it as a swing and gently drift back and fourth to take napping to a whole new level (hah! Level. Get it?).

I was more than pleased with my experience here. Abigail was incredibly easy to talk to and informative about everything she was doing. The actual yoga was relaxing and gave me a solid core workout. The studio is amazingly cute and has a warm feeling inside and out. I cannot speak highly enough of this place. While Aerial yoga may not be practical for me to do every day I can definitely see the appeal and benefits it has to offer people who want to shake a stagnant routine up. If you haven’t tried this form of yoga out yet please make this the first place you try! They offer private sessions here for first timers and can offer a group session if you have enough people. Support local and support the Austin Fitness scene!

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