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You may find yourself asking “what is motion stretch and why the hell should I care, Billy?” Well, first of all, you would be rude, but also right to question it. We live in a cluttered health field where new fads almost appear out of nowhere. Whether its the newest “10 minutes for flat abs” or the familiar “recover 1000x faster” or my personal favorite “See how this man grew his dick 8 inches”. It’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t work these days. This is where motion stretch comes in. 

Motion stretch is like a massage and physical therapist came together and had a fitness baby. Using myofacial trigger point release (Using hands to dig into deep tissue with the help of foam rolling) their goal is all about injury prevention. Much like a massage session they dig into the tissue to relax the facia but they also have you activate that muscle during the stretch. This allows the tissues to fall back into place and relieve the tightness or knots. 

Their system is designed on 8 major points on the body: the chest, abdomen, quads, shin, calf, hamstring, glute, and back. Using a questionnaire they determine which points will require the most work done. Where physical therapy only targets one injured area motion stretch targets the whole body.

My review:


The atmosphere is really laid back and inviting. There is no privacy on the tables though as they’re all wide in the open. I suppose this is to make it feel more casual. This didn’t bother me as I’d be willing to get a massage at a funeral for all I care, but I can see how a more private person would be turned off by this. 


Effectiveness: I went in there with some tightness in my chest and shoulder pain (most likely from sleeping with my body in a contorted position). They showed me some new stretches that I haven’t seen before and although it was incredibly painful I could feel them manipulating my tissue and really felt a difference when I got up. It wasn’t as enjoyable as a massage but it was way more enjoyable than a physical therapy session.


Affordability: Sessions typically last a half hour and price can very based on location. You can buy either a monthly membership or individual sessions. The best thing they offer is one free session (I’m all about free things). In the session you’ll fill out a questionaire that will help determine where you need the most work done. I’d say if you’re a fit individual and already make sure to stretch out and fix muscular imbalances on your own this is not necessary. If you’re constantly fucking your shit up through heavy lifting and horrible posture this is definitely worth a shot…Did I mention the first session is free?

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