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Hello, and thank you for stumbling onto this page. If you stick with me you might just learn yourself some knowledge on fitness and shit. Before I start blogging away about fitness tips, fitness tricks, and some of the fitness dicks of the world I just wanted to give a little about myself.

I was born and raised in the burbs of Chicago and grew up a punk skater/sport hybrid (without the drugs or dip). I only really got into fitness when I moved to Texas and realized you could take baseball conditioning as a class. From here I went on to college and studied exercise sports science, became a personal trainer, and got a job at the student rec center. From here I was constantly around every type of fitness stereotype imaginable. It’s also where I saw every kind of supplement, lifting attire, and interesting kind of lifts. So I spent my college years just soaking up information and not really knowing what to do with it. So flash forward through college and here we are now. I’m currently working as a full time trainer/group exercise instructor at a corporate gym. It’s the ideal job I was looking for out of college but I still felt like I could reach a bigger audience and help more people. So I created an instagram(which you can click below and follow me) and created this blog and now i’m here. So if you stick with me you can expect posts on supplements, fitness trends, at home routines to fix your shit, and occasionally I’ll attend a fitness class and leave a review on it. Thanks for giving this a read and i’m not sure what you do to stay updated on blogs…so bookmark this page or something.

Fitness and ShitIMG_6413. — Billy Bosco


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